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Umoja Tanzania is supported by international and local volunteers in Tanzania and remotely. Volunteering at Umoja is incredibly rewarding and you will directly see the impact you are having. Volunteers play an important role in ensuring Umoja’s ability to provide free education for disadvantaged youth.

If you think you have a skill that could benefit Umoja, then please do get in touch with us to discuss further. There are opportunities to volunteer at The Umoja Centre in Tanzania, or remotely from your home or though our partner, Umoja UK.  We value our volunteers and their experience and believe that there are mutual benefits for both the volunteer and the organisation. 

International Volunteers

International volunteers complement the local staff team and do not take employment opportunities away from Tanzanians. Umoja welcomes volunteers in a wide variety of areas including: Education, IT, Sewing, Medical, Youth/Social Work, Administration, Marketing/Communications, Business/Entrepreneurship, Fundraising/Grants. You may like to be involved in several areas including teaching Global Studies and Spoken English.


The amount of time needed to commit depends on the individual assignment and the availability of volunteer permits through immigration. If you have a skill to share, please contact us to discuss more.

Please note: we do not offer any salary for International Volunteers, but there are no fees to volunteer with us.


Unfortunately Umoja currently does not have accommodation available (until we move into our new site!) and volunteers are required to find their own in Arusha. Depending on the length of time of your stay and your personal requirements, accommodation ranges from hostel rooms (from $15 per night) to apartments ($500 per month).

For more information about volunteering at Umoja and life in Tanzania, please download our Volunteer Handbook.

Local Volunteers

If you are a Tanzanian citizen there are often voluntary opportunities at Umoja to assist in a variety of fields, but mostly teaching and tuition. These positions are extremely competitive, however positions do become available, so if you think you have a skill to share, please do get in touch. 


Please note: we offer a small stipend to the majority of local volunteers.

If you would like to apply to volunteer at Umoja, please send your CV and covering letter to Director, Hilda Lema:

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