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Join the Movement: Become an Umoja Champion

By committing just $20 / £10 per month, you can make a profound impact, providing stepping stones out of poverty for disadvantaged young people.

Join us and become a Umoja Champion! Our mission is to uplift vulnerable youth and their communities in Tanzania through holistic and comprehensive programmes focusing on education, well-being, livelihoods, health and community development.

By committing just $20 / £10 per month, you can make a profound impact, providing stepping stones out of poverty for disadvantaged young people.

Reliable monthly donations provide financial stability, allowing us to plan ahead and offer consistent support, creating sustainability and ensuring a safety net for our programmes and therefore young beneficiaries.

Donations in Australia are tax deductible and in the UK donations are increased by 28% through GiftAid!

How your donation helps - a Mother's Story...

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Naseriani, a mother of five, expresses profound gratitude for Umoja's transformative impact on her daughters, Eliamani and Glory. In her own words, "Without Umoja, Eliamani might have faced a different fate – on the streets or a teenage bride with children. Our family struggled, selling sugarcane for a living and providing for basic needs was a challenge."

Before Umoja, Glory and then Eliamani had to drop out of school to ease the family's financial burden. Both sisters then stayed at home, focusing on domestic chores.

The turning point came when Eliamani joined Umoja in 2016, inspiring Glory to follow suit in 2018. Eliamani's dedication led her to achieve her educational goals at Tanzania Public Service College in 2023. She now proudly works as an accountant and loan officer and actively supports her family and siblings.

Help us help other families in need.

What Umoja Champions Receive:

  1. Yearly Impact Report:

    • Stay informed about the incredible impact of your contributions through our yearly impact report and see how your support is making a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable youth.

  2. Monthly Newsletter:

    • Keep in touch with Umoja – success stories, updates on our programmes and exclusive content showcasing the positive changes happening within Umoja’s communities.


  1. Education for All:

    • Sponsor secondary schooling, college education, vocational training and university studies.

    • Provide textbooks and materials to ensure quality education is accessible to all.

  2. Essential Life Skills:

    • Support life skills programmes that empower youth with tools for personal development, resilience and wellbeing.

  3. Enterprise and Livelihoods:

    • Invest in vocational training programmes, enhancing employability and fostering entrepreneurship.

    • Support small enterprises, creating sustainable livelihoods within communities.

  4. Vital Resources:

    • Contribute towards teacher salaries, essential administration, water and electricity, building maintenance and internet and IT services.

  5. Health and Well-Being:

    • Support health initiatives, providing access to medical care, nutrition programmes, and mental health services.

    • Provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch to Umoja students, often their only food in a day.

How Your $20/£10 Monthly Donation Can Transform Lives

Thank you for Being a Champion!
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