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Annual Reports

  • 2020 Report: Navigating through the year that the pandemic started.

  • 2019 Report: This year we partnered with Food Water Shelter and were gifted an amazing new site for our programmes. We also held the largest International Youth Day event in Arusha.

  • 2018 Report: We welcomed long term volunteers Narina and Abida and new staff members Francis and Saumu. We also said goodbye to our beloved Cook, Namnyaki.

  • 2017 Report: In 2017 Umoja launched our new website, improved our communications and M&E and welcomed two Umoja babies with two more on the way!

  • 2016 Report: We were delighted to purchase an area of land and Benson Chuwa joined the team as Operations Manager.

  • 2015 Report: 2015 was a year of growth and development, highlighted by our merge with the House of Happiness Children’s Home, which expanded our operation to include a total of 20 full time Tanzanian staff.

  • 2014 Report: In 2014 we formed new important partnerships, including with the Segal Family Foundation and strengthened others such as with Yes! Tanzania.

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