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Our Impact

85% of Umoja graduates are now in employment, with 80% employed and 5% self employed.

5,332 women and girls have received reusable sanitary kits and menstrual health training.

250 youth have received full Umoja sponsorships for college or university.


Our achievements in numbers:

  • In 2021, Umoja reached 1104 youth through our community youth clubs and International Youth Day event. This number is set to grow in 2022 and beyond!

  • 462 parents and guardians attended mental health and addiction training in 2021 with 5 cases then referred to Arusha Mental Health services for closer case management and support.

  • 386 community members attended human rights training in 2021, with 4 cases then referred to Inherit Your Rights legal services. Two were resolved, 1 is criminal case and still in progress with the help of Inherit Your Rights, 1 is a serious domestic violence criminal case and is in progress in court. 

  • 548 community members attended sexual reproductive health training in 2021.

  • 75 community members attended business skills training. Four women have started a charcoal business as the result of this training, recycling available resources i.e. paper, soil and leftovers from charcoal. 

You can also patricipate !

You can contribute to this impact by donating, sponsoring a studentvolunteer with us or come for a visit !

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