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Asanterabi Meshack

Secondary School Student

Asante is a bright and hard working young man, who has excelled throughout his education with Umoja. He is achieving well at Secondary School despite the many challenges he faces at home and at school. Asante is boarding at Moringe Secondary School in Monduli, a rural town outside of Arusha. During the school holidays Asante helps out at Umoja earning his pocket money for the next term and he is a pleasure to have around!
"Before joining Umoja Centre, I was loitering around the street aimlessly. There was nothing that I had been doing rather than helping my Mum on a small small piece of land where she uses to plant maize and beans. I lost a hope of going back to school for higher learning. But things changed a lot when I joined Umoja Centre 2011. I enjoyed so much a course of English and computer when I was at Umoja. By now I am a student a Moringe High School under the sponsorship of Umoja Centre. I am really grateful about that chance!"

Asanterabi Meshack
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