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Umoja Pads

The Umoja Centre's Social Enterprise Programme


Help Us Fight Period Poverty

One Pad At A Time.

What we do

Our Social Enterprise program produces reusable sanitary pads, to compate period poverty which currently is the cause for 1 in 10 girls to miss school, according to UNESCO. 

Our reusable sanitary pads are a financially and environmentally sustainable choice to fight period poverty. With our pads girls can attend up to 50 more days in school per year. This also combats the gender academic performance gap. 

With better attendance and performance, girls have more opportunities for academic success, thereby creating greater access to higher education and employment. Further breaking down the cycle of poverty.

The goal for the programme is to generate new, financially sustainable forms of impact for the Umoja Centre. The small profits we make are directly reinvested in The Umoja Centre's other programmes. 

We also offer Menstrual Health Courses to advocate and enlighten young women on menstrual health. 


Our Vision

Use Social Enterprise to fight period poverty and inequality

Our Mission

Produce reusable sanitary pads of the highest quality


The Umoja Kit

The Umoja Kit consists of four Umoja Pads, a carry pouch, a manual and a bag.


Our kits have been designed alongside our users to find the best solution for them.
The unique shape and the traditional african look makes our pads perfect for girls and women.

The Pad

Our pads have four different layers that secures our pads does not leak when using. 

The soft material on top makes the pads comfortable to wear and the buttons makes sure the pad stays in place. 

The Carry Pouch

Our carry pouch is an essential tool in ensuring that our pads are used again and again. 

The pouch has a waterproof layer inside which enables our users to carry used pads with them without leaking. 

The Bag

The bag is what holds our four pads, our carry pouch and our manual. 

The bag can afterwards be used for toiletries etc. 


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Original Kit

The Umoja Kit contains four pads, a carry pouch, and a manual. 


Extra pad





Additional products

These products can be added to the kits at an additional cost.

How you can join the fight

PRIVATE DONATIONS is for you who wants to directly support girls in need.

We will distribute the pads according to our distribution strategy.

PARTNER WITH US is for you who want's to buy our kits and distribute them within your organization.

PURCHASE TO DISTRIBUTE is for you who wants to purchase our kits and distribute yourself

Our impact

100 kits were distributed to 40 Masaai women and their children in Tanzania.

May, 2022

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