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Umoja Tanzania



Umoja supports young people and their communities in Tanzania by addressing cycles of poverty, abuse, unemployment, and vulnerability.

Umoja also engages in community initiatives that promote collaboration, ownership, and development by working with leaders, local government, NGOs, and educational institutions to create opportunities for skills training, entrepreneurship, and community projects.

At the Umoja Centre, young people receive education, life skills, and psycho-social support while participating in sports and extracurricular activities, enhancing their education and future livelihoods.


To see young Tanzanians and their communities thriving through education, enterprise, wellbeing and livelihoods.



Umoja Tanzania provides support and opportunities for education, well-being and livelihoods for Tanzanian young people and their communities in Arusha.

11,230 young people reached annually through our programmes.

Essential Life Skills knowledge delivered to over 4000 young people each year.

95% of Umoja graduates are in full time employment. 

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