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Denisi is the fourth born out of five children.

He lives with his parents, who are small scale farmers, they depend on farming to fulfill their basic needs by selling maize crops and have surplus for meals.

Sometimes they are borrowing food items from the shops and return after selling maize.

Denis has been leading as time keeper for a year at Umoja Centre, where it is his role to ring the class bell multiple times a day. He is very punctual, he travels 90 minutes every morning to arrive at Umoja and he always on time. Denisi passion is riding rollerblades, “I won a rollerblades competition, I was the first one out of twenty people, many people didn't believe because I was very young compare to other competitors. I was awarded some prize money and two rollerblades, currently I have remain with only one rollerblade, the other one I sold to get bus fare to come To Umoja”.

Denisi believes that Umoja will help him achieve his future goal of being a Journalist. And he said “ being a Journalist will help me to meet with different people in the world.”

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