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Lopukenya grew up in a Maasai village with his mother and four siblings. His father died when he was 10 years old. In his village he liked playing with the other children and looking after the goats. Lopukenya finished primary school with good grades but could not afford the fees for secondary school.

After being selected to join Umoja, he lived in Arusha in a one-room wooden building, walking for one and a half hours to get to Umoja. His room had no electricity, but that didn't stop him studying - he went to a neighbours house to study in the evenings!

Lopukenya is currently studying Form 4 at Arusha Modern Secondary School, where he achieved a scholarship for his high performance. His dream job since he was very little is to be a pilot. In the future he would like to get married and have two sons and two daughters.

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