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Josephine has four siblings. Her father is a subsistence farmer. Her mother died when she was three years old and she was raised by her elder sister and brother-in-law in a Maasai village far from Arusha.

She still lives with her sister’s family, in a house made from mud. She shares a room with her two nieces. Josephine had to look for work while attending secondary school and failed because she did not have enough time to study. While participating in the Foundation Programme at Umoja, it took her two hours to walk to the centre, but she still achieved good grades.

Josephine is hard-working, and has gained confidence and many friends at Umoja. After completing the Foundation Programme, she re-joined Secondary School with Umoja's support and sucessfully graduated from Form Four. She has been seleceted to join Tilawi High School where she is studying towards achieveing her A-Levels. He plan is to train as a nurse. She says nursing is the job her heart tells her to do, because she wants to care for people when they are sick and make them better.

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