Chuki Issa

Senior Social Worker

Chuki is a qualified Social Worker who joined our team in 2014. She works with our students with social welfare issues and carries out Clinical Assessments and offers subsequent ongoing support with every young person who is part of the Umoja programme. As Umoja's Child/Youth Protection Officer, Chuki is responsible for all safeguarding issues, including policies, training and ensuring all visitors, volunteers, staff, families and beneficiaries engage in and implement our Safeguarding Policy.

“Umoja is an appreciated youth organization as it supports vulnerable Tanzanian youth attain their goals. I am proud working with the Umoja team as Social Worker as this is my dream career and enables me to provide social welfare services. I feel happy observing Tanzanian young people are empowered.

A Social Worker has an important role who helps children/ youth, women and the whole society creating self awareness, receiving their rights as well as solving their problems. A social worker acts as an Advocate and Mediator within the Community. Wishing Umoja lasts forever in its endeavours!" 

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