Children enter into formal education with varying levels of readiness and vocabulary due to varying opportunities for peer to peer socialization and conversation/interaction with adults. The sooner children are given abundant opportunities to interact with their peers in an environment that promotes exploration, inquiry, and creative thinking, as well as gives children access to print-rich environments and exposure to basic academic skills, the more opportunities they will have to enhance their vocabularies and develop social emotional competencies. There are high expectations on children as they enter Primary School in Tanzania and our Preschool Programme gives pre-school aged children in the Sinoni area of Arusha a good head start.

We welcome 60 children every school year to our programme (ages 3-6). With two certified Tanzanian teachers and two classrooms, catered to different ages and ability, our children learn the “3K’s”: how to read (Kusoma), to count (Kuhesabu) and to write (Kuandika). Our instruction is developmentally appropriate and aligned to the national curriculum for Pre-Primary students.


  1. Read the alphabet from A-Z accurately.
  2. Read simple Kiswahali words
  3. Recognize different items in the environment and name them.
  4. Read correctly a simple Kiswahili book


  1. Write, read and recognize numbers from 1-30
  2. Calculate the answers to simple addition and subtraction sums, using numbers from 1-20.
  3. Using simple examples of daily transactions, calculate correctly.
  4. Identify different shapes and how they are used in the local environment.


  1. Use double-line exercise books to write words neatly and accurately

Classes are held every day from 8 AM until 1 PM, Monday through Friday, as determined by the Ministry of Education in the National School Timetable.  Children are provided two meals while in attendance and many times for free play.  At the end of term/semester, assessments are given to all children to measure their progress toward achieving the skills and knowledge set out in the Tanzanian curriculum. Parents are kept informed of their children’s progress; attendance records are maintained, and absentees are followed up regularly.  Ensuring our children attend our programme every day ensures that they are fed and their minds stimulated every day of the week.

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