Outplacement Programme

Moving Forward

After successfully completing the Foundation and ISC Programmes, we continue to support the youth through our Outplacement Programme. Depending on the students’ academic performance, skills, and career choice, we provide mentoring, support, and scholarships to enrol in vocational training, college, or university.

Tertiary education is becoming increasingly important in Tanzania, similarly to much of the world.  This includes the hospitality and tourism industries, which are popular choices for our youth, due to the high numbers of opportunities in Arusha and Tanzania as a whole.

Umoja has established partnerships with a select number of educational institutions who offer the quality of education and pastoral care our youth need for continued growth and success. Some of our current partners include:

  • Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School - Arusha
  • Forestry Training Institute - Olmotonyi
  • Tropical Institute Limited - Arusha
  • National Institute of Transportation - Dar es Salaam
  • Mwenge Catholic University - Moshi
  • University of Arusha
  • University of Dodoma
  • Institute of Finance Management - Dar es Salaam
  • Tanzania Public Service College-Tabora
  • Open University of Tanzania - Arusha
  • Makumira University - Arusha
  • Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) -  Arusha
  • Arusha Modern Secondary School
  • Arusha Institute of Accountancy
  • Iringa Technical Secondary School
  • Morogoro Technical Secondary School
  • Modern Driving School - Arusha
  • DECCA College of Health and Allied Sciences – Dodoma
  • The Arusha East African Training Institute


We have an open-door policy for our youth to return to Umoja whilst they are studying at another institution. We encourage the Outplacement youth to return to Umoja to seek guidance and support or to use the IT lab and library. Throughout their studies our full-time Outplacement Coordinator visits each youth at their institutions to review their progress and overall well-being at least twice a year.

Once our youth have successfully completed their Outplacement training, we provide employability skills training and mentoring until they find a job. This includes interview skills, CV writing, and job search assistance and advice. We also provide our youth with the clothes they need for interviews or to start their new careers. Our aim to gradually transition our youth towards independence as they move through our Outplacement Programme.

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