Umoja aims to break inter-generational cycles of abuse, unemployment, and vulnerability in Tanzania by providing a safe space for young people to express themselves, learn and receive psycho-social and medical support.



This is achieved by providing a safe space and educational opportunities, based out of The Umoja Centre. Whilst our youth are focusing on our alternative system of education; a holistic bridging course, followed by the Intensive Secondary Certificate programme and subsequent higher education, Umoja provides a wide range of pastoral care such as psychosocial and medical support, sports and arts activities.

Umoja’s target group are vulnerable Tanzanian youth, (aged 13-19 when joining the Foundation Programme) who lack other opportunities for education or employment. Our target area is the Arusha region and we are based in Arusha city, Northern Tanzania.

Our vision is to see vulnerable children and youth in Tanzania educated, empowered and living free from poverty, abuse and exploitation. We are working to achieve this through our seven programmes: