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"I am ISRAEL ELBARIKI, I am a student of Umoja. I have 19 years old. Without Umoja I would be only doing domestic jobs like fetching water, farming / garden work at home. I like to play cricket and basketball. After this year I would like to continue with my studies in A Level, this is what I want."

"I am Grace (Steven Khamissi), I come from Engutoto Themi. I am here to get good skills and a good education in my life because I want to reach my goals. I am trying to speak English very well because I want to work in Tourism."

"My name is Dorcas Zakaria Mollel. I come from Kimandulu in Arusha. If I was not at Umoja I would in the street wandering about without any reason.  I like reading and learning more about history and doing some exercise in maths. I hope to be a teacher and getting a good life."

"My name is Mapi Saringe and I come from Oltukai Village. In my family there are seven people and I am 18 years old. If I was not at Umoja I would be taking care of cows and goats. I hope to some business and to study different languages like Spanish, French in order to help my parents in life."

"My name is Faraja, I come from Arusha. I like to play football and study. Before Umoja I was at home helping my parents. When I have free time, I like to listen to music. When I leave Umoja I wish to become a soldier."

"My name is Margreth and I come from Engutoto. Here at school I like to help my friend is she or he not understand each subject and home I help my mother domestic work. Something which is interesting is I want to be a Nurse in order to treat people who are sick and something which I am not interested in is to fail my exams which I don’t like!"

"My name is Aiden Faustini and I come from Sakina in Arusha. I like to be police and get a good job when I have education and I like to know English very well!! If I was not at Umoja I would be doing nothing, because I don’t have a job, just staying at home thinking about what to do. I like to study, it is my life so that I get good work. When I get a good job, I will help Umoja like Umoja helped me. THANK YOU!"

"My name is Devotha Siara, my father’s name is Siara Francis and I come from Kisongo. I like to read story books, listen to radio in order to get new information and listen to Gospel music. When I'm not at Umoja I help my parents with many different works like washing clothes and making our environment clean. When I leave Umoja I hope I gain new skills to get a good job that can help my life, also my parents and others."