YES! Programme

Youth Empowerment through Sport

Sport can transform young lives and communities. Umoja partners with Scottish NGO YES! Tanzania to assist youth development and community sports organisations located in the most disadvantaged areas of Tanzania. We work with these community organisations to make them more sustainable and impactful.

These amazing organisations provide opportunities for those who face barriers to participating in sport (e.g. girls and people with a disability) and vulnerable youth more broadly (e.g. those not in education, employment, or training, and those living on the street). They design activities that promote leadership, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, positive attitudes, life-skills, and healthy behaviours.

We build the capacity of the inspirational local leaders that run these organisations by providing a free, tailored package of support through our YES! Programme. The programme consists of three elements:

  • Planning: we help organisations to produce a sport for development strategy and annual plan.
  • Programme design and delivery: we help organisations design sport for development programmes and activities and provide training for coaches and leaders to deliver these. We provide a small amount of funding to help ensure there are adequate resources for the activities. We also encourage organisations to collaborate with each other and help them to develop proposals, secure funding and implement projects to build their capacity to deliver their sport for development plans and activities.
  • Monitoring, evaluation & learning: we help organisations produce a monitoring & evaluation framework to measure the impact of their sport for development activities. We also host an annual group training and shared learning event and other workshops to encourage best practice.All our support is free and tailored to each organisation and is delivered through a competent team of local Tanzanian staff.

We proactively identify organisations that meet the criteria to participate in the YES! Programme, this includes having an effective safeguarding/child protection policy. We then meet with and gather information about the organisation to help us assess the suitability for the organisation to participate in the Programme. Once approved, a formal agreement is then signed before participation in the YES! Programme begins.

The first activity of the Programme is a sport for development capacity assessment of the organisation which helps to identify the areas which need strengthening. A sport for development strategy and annual planning session is then arranged which includes the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework. These plans are based around 3 pillars:

  1. Increasing participation and inclusion
  2. Youth development and empowerment
  3. Sustainability.

We then facilitate the review of the strategy and plan with each organisation at the end of each year and help develop a new plan for the following year.

The following organisations are currently participating in the YES! Programme:

  • Future Stars Academy
  • SOVOI Academy
  • Tanzania Rugby Development
  • Songambele
  • Msimamo Youth Educators
  • Arusha Youth Development Organisation