YES! Programme

Youth Empowerment through Sport

Sport can transform young lives and communities. Umoja partners with Scottish NGO YES! Tanzania to assist youth development and community sports organisations located in the most disadvantaged urban areas of in Arusha. We work with these community organisations to make them more sustainable and impactful.

These amazing organisations provide opportunities for those who face barriers to participating in sport (e.g. girls and people with a disability) and vulnerable youth more broadly (e.g. those not in education, employment, or training, and those living on the street). They design activities that promote leadership, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, positive attitudes, life-skills, and healthy behaviours.

We build the capacity of the inspirational local leaders that run these organisations by providing a free, tailored package of support through our YES! Programme. The programme consists of three elements:

1.       Development Plans – We facilitate the design and support the implementation of 2-year organisational development plans. We also provide training and financial support so that organisations have the skills, knowledge and resources to successfully implement their plans.

2.       Projects – We collaborate with organisations to develop proposals, secure funding, and implement new projects that connect sport and development. There are currently 2 projects: (a) A sport & sexual health project funded by the Scottish Government and (b) A boxing project for street youth funded by the Danish foundation Ragnhild Bruuns Fond.

3.       Networking – We bring leaders together to collaborate, learn, and share good practice.

The Yes! Programme is delivered through a competent team of local Tanzanian staff.

Programme Partners

In addition to the work with Umoja's youth, the following 5 organisations are currently participating in the YES! Programme:

Arusha Rugby Development Programme

Arusha Rugby Development Programme (ARDP) aims to promote rugby as a skilful and valuable sport amongst the most disadvantaged youths of Arusha. ARDP uses the sportsmanship of the game as a vehicle to encourage healthy lifestyles and supportive, positive, and respectful relationships within the community. Through high calibre rugby coaching, ARDP currently facilitates practical and theoretical sports education to 380 males and 310 females aged between 5 and 19 years. 

Future Stars Academy

Future Stars Academy (FSA) is a non-profit organisation that teaches life skills such as fair play, teamwork, competition, and personal development through football training to disadvantaged boys and girls in Arusha. FSA builds the resilience, responsibility, and leadership potential of these young people and offers them a chance to live their dreams as footballers. FSA insists that there is no football without education: ‘no school, no play!’ There are currently 126 young people aged between 7 and 19 years participating in the programme.

SOVOI Sports Academy

SOVOI is a small, community-based organisation that provides a daily after-school sports programme for young people living in a small community on the outskirts of Arusha. Activities are delivered by volunteer sports teachers and include football, netball, volleyball, rugby, and athletics. There are currently 90 males and 50 females aged between 11 and 16 years participating in the programme.

Palotti Parish

Palotti is located within the community of Esso, an underdeveloped urban slum area consisting of about 70,000 people. It is a vibrant community consisting of 70,000 people who must endure harsh living conditions. This Parish is overseen by the Pallottines, a Roman Catholic Community. Palotti attempts to address the negative connotations in the community associated with HIV/AIDS, drug use, and disability.

Within the Parish grounds a complex for the service of the community has been created. The grounds include the Parish Church, resource centre, sport and conference centre, and health clinic. One of the committees operating out of this complex is the Sports Committee. The committee oversees several sports programmes: basketball, netball, volleyball, soccer and rugby.

Arusha Boxing Club

Arusha Boxing Club is committed to promote boxing within the Arusha area and is based at Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium. It aims to increase participation amongst young people from the most disadvantaged areas of Arusha with a view to developing their leadership skills, life skills, and talent.