Umoja for Girls creates meaningful employment opportunities for Umoja graduates and empowers youth to break the cycle of poverty. Graduates have the opportunity to develop practical work skills and are exposed to business management and entrepreneurial skills.

Umoja For Girls

Umoja for Girls manufacture and sell Days for Girls reusable menstrual hygiene kits, and provides menstrual hygiene health educational and training to girls and women. The reusable kits last up to three years, the use of these kits helps keep girls in school during their period, this means 180 extra days at school, reducing the gap between female and male academic performance. With better attendance and performance, girls are able to access higher education and employment. This enables them to break the cycle of poverty.

SINCE 2017:

  • 2172 kits have been delivered to girls, enabling them to stay in school during their period
  • We have provided menstrual hygiene education to over 400 girls and women
  • We have provided training sessions in kit production to 16 non profits and women’s groups.
  • 100% of staff are Graduates of Umoja Tanzania