Fikia Programme

In an effort to reach wider numbers of youth in Arusha and greater Tanzania, Umoja launched the Fikia Programme in January 2020. The aim of the programme is to provide information, skills and training to young people in Arusha, while giving them a platform and space to voice their concerns and celebrate being young!

Currently we are achieveing this through an annual Interntional Youth Day event and by creating and supporting youth clubs in the communities of our Foundation and ISC Programme participants.

Umoja organises the largest Youth Day event in Arusha, with over 1000 youth attending. We work with interested partners, including youth and health NGOs, to create a day of celebration and learning, marking the United Nations Youth Day and observing the yearly themes. Dignataries, such as city leaders, councillors and members of parliament are in attendance along with vairous non-governmental organisations.

Through this engaging event, youth in Arusha have the opportunity to gain information on services and organisations available to them (both through the government and NGOs), get tested for HIV/AIDS, engage in discussions, ask questions, and watch/partake in perfromaces, such as music, drama and dance. This is an engaging event that can also help to improve their lives.

To assist us reach youth who are not attending interviews at Umoja,not getting support from institutions, are on the streets or are perhapsoutliers, we have set up Youth Clubs in various areas of Arusha. In 2020, 10 Youth Clubs have been established, reaching over 300 youth. Leadership and facilitation training was given to 20 Umoja youth, empowering them to then facilitate the youth clubs themselves with Umoja’s support. These groups are supported by Umoja to engage in talks, events, and training in self-selected areas, including business skills, rights, health and nutrition, sex and relationships and drugs and alchohol.