Since 2009, Umoja has provided full time, holistic education and welfare services to over 360 vulnerable youth. 

  • 70% of students enter vocational training

  • 30% of students re-enrol in secondary school

  • Currently 20% are in higher education

  • 95% of students who have completed their studies are now in fulltime employment

Our Impact

We are in the process of trialling a new Monitoring and Evaluation system. This will include impact indicators throughout the programme. Our means of verification include:

  • Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire
  • Test Results
  • Case management files
  • Feedback from youth clients
  • Project documentation
  • Feedback from adult family members
  • Project documentation


Please note - this page and information is under review  and will be updated with the development of a new Monitoring & Evaluating system and organisation database.