Wish List

If you live in Arusha and would like to donate - OR - you are travelling from afar and have some space in your luggage - here are some items that we ALWAYS need! These items listed below are either difficult to find in Arusha or of poor quality. All other goods, including stationery, uniforms, and food we support Arusha based suppliers.

  • School Bags (small back pack type)
  • White Board Pens
  • Sports Shoes (Trainers) and Black School Shoes
  • Flash Drives (USB)
  • Scientific Calculators (A-level and university standard)
  • Art Materials (Acrylic / Poster paint, brushes, glue, craft goods, felt)
  • Unlocked Mobile Phones (in working order please as expensive to repair!)
  • Educational DVDs / Appropriate Fictional / Movie DVDs
  • Watches (in working order - as graduation gifts)
  • Dictionaries (English-English)
  • Text Books for Library (All school subjects and general knowledge)
  • Laptop computers for Umoja's university students
  • Clothing for young men and women (small  / medium sizes)


If you would like to donate or have any questions, please contact us!