Wish List

If you live in Arusha and would like to donate - OR - you are travelling from afar and have some space in your luggage - here are some items that we ALWAYS need! All other goods, including stationery, uniforms and food we support Arusha based suppliers.

  • School Bags (small back pack type)
  • White Board Pens
  • Sports Shoes (Trainers) and Black School Shoes
  • Flash Drives (USB)
  • Scientific Calculators (A-level and university standard)
  • Art Materials (Acrylic / Poster paint, brushes, glue, craft goods, felt)
  • Unlocked Mobile Phones (in working order please as expensive to repair!)
  • Educational DVDs / Appropriate Fictional / Movie DVDs
  • Watches (in working order - as graduation gifts)
  • Dictionaries (English-English)
  • Text Books for Library (All school subjects and general knowledge)
  • Laptop computers for Umoja's university students
  • Clothing for young men and women (small  / medium sizes)


If you would like to donate or have any questions, please contact us