Umoja Tanzania is supported by international and local volunteers who assist with a range of tasks including fundraising, teaching, managing our sponsorship programme, providing IT support and a variety of business and administrative roles.They play an incredibly important role in ensuring Umoja’s ability to provide free education to the disadvantaged youth of Tanzania. International volunteers complement the local staff team and do not take employment opportunities away from Tanzanians.

While working with Umoja, volunteers may be asked to undertake a variety of tasks, and at times hold multiple roles simultaneously. It is often busy, and volunteers will need to be flexible and patient. As with any job it can be stressful or frustrating, but ultimately volunteering at Umoja is incredibly rewarding and worthwhile. You will be reminded every single day of the difference you are making.

International Volunteers:

We ask for a minimum of 3 months commitment from most volunteers.This ensures that the work you do can really make a significant impact on Umoja and our students. Umoja welcomes skilled volunteers in areas including: IT, Sewing / Tailoring, Medical, Youth/Social Work, Administration, Marketing, Business / Entrepreneurship, Administration and Accounting. If you have a skill to share, please contact us to discuss how and when you can help. In addition there are opportunities for student tuition and teaching Global Studies and Spoken English.

Please note: we do not offer any payment or stipend for International Volunteers, but there is no fee to volunteer with us.

Below are the current vacancies for International Volunteers at Umoja:

IT Professional 

Umoja is looking to recruit a volunteer IT professional to support our work. The position would involve:

  • IT Curriculum development and teaching support
  • System support  / development
  • Website / database support


Grants Manager 

We are looking for an experienced Grants Manager to assist Umoja with our fundraising. The role would include:

  • Maintaining and building donor relations
  • Securing new funding
  • Training current staff


Teacher Mentor / Education Advisor 

The main focus of this position is to work closely with our local teachers to assist them in delivering a good quality educational programme to Umoja's youth.
Tasks include:

  • Training workshops
  • Individual Teacher mentoring
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teacher Development
  • Teaching Spoken English


Marketing and Communications Coordinator

We are looking for someone to develop our marketing and communications activities, enabling us to tell our stories more effectively. The job would involve:

  • Manage all communication strategies and activities
  • To ensure all communication material is correct and consistent with current strategies and objectives
  • Develop and implement communication strategies, marking promotional materials and tools to build awareness of the organization
  • Create social marketing and fundraising campaigns
  • Support our social media campaigns including website updates, e-newsletter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Train Umoja staff



Unfortunately Umoja currently does not have accommodation available on site and volunteers are required to find their own in Arusha. Depending on the length of time of your stay and your personal requirements, accommodation ranges from hostel rooms (from $15 per night) to apartments ($500 per month). 

For more information about volunteering at Umoja and life in Tanzania, please download our Volunteer Handbook.

If you would like more information or think you can help, please contact Caroline Goody: [email protected] 

Local Volunteers

If you are a Tanzanian citizen there are often voluntary opportunities at Umoja to assist in a variety of fields, but mostly teaching and tuition. These positions are extremely competitive and we receive daily enquiries about volunteering at Umoja, however positions do become available, so if you think you have a skill to share, please do get in touch. 

Please note: we offer a small stipend to the majority of local volunteers who support our programmes.


If you would like to apply to volunteer at Umoja, please send your CV and covering letter to Benson Chuwa: [email protected]