Umoja has purchased an area of land in Arusha to expand our operations by establishing a purpose-built education centre that will further assist Umoja’s capacity to develop the skills, education and employability of young people in Arusha. A new centre will allow us to grow by offering more classroom spaces, and also enable us to develop our programme to include business development opportunities, vocational skills training, and offer resources for local communities. 


The Centre will be designed in an environmentally sound manner to reduce operational costs and allow us to maintain a level of sustainability that is not possible on our current premises which is rented and restrictive in size. Ultimately with a purpose built education facility we will be able to establish our programming within the local community improving our service delivery and long-term sustainability.

This project is being supported by David Winter and the Rotary Club of Mont Albert & Surrey Hills (MASH) District 9810 in Melbourne, Australia. 

Project Goals 

  1. To expand our operations by establishing a purpose-built centre that provides improved educational facilities, recreation areas and adequate office space. 
  2. To diversify and expand the current programme offered to Umoja students, including providing vocational training, micro-enterprise projects and increasing student numbers. 
  3. To arrive at a level of financial and operational self-sufficiency and sustainability, reducing overall overhead costs. 

Investment Security 

Umoja Tanzania Incorporated as a legally registered Non-Government Organisation (00003335) in Tanzania, will purchase and own the land as an entity. No individual (local or foreign) shall have sole ownership of Umoja’s land or title deeds. 

For legal advice, Umoja employs the services of Jeremiah Mjema, of Voice Attorneys, Arusha. Mr. Mjema will assist in the legal processes involved with Umoja Tanzania Incorporated purchasing land and being awarded the title deeds. Arusha town plans are overseen by the Municipality offices for planning and access to roads who are also responsible for issuing title deeds and the purchase of land. 

It will be Umoja’s responsibility to ensure that all of the local laws are followed and adhered to so that the tenure of land purchased is secure and in the name of Umoja Tanzania Inc.

The Land and Building Project has been approved and registered by Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) who, alongside Rotarians in both Australia and Tanzania, provide a governance role and assist in the areas of planning, monitoring and evaluating.

Investment for a Brighter Future

Since Umoja began operations in 2009, we have supported over 325 young people develop into mature young adults with an increase in knowledge and skills. After completing their Foundation Year programme, Umoja students re-enter secondary school or attain higher education institutes such as colleges, university or vocational training institutes. 95% of our students have successfully completed their studies and are now in full-time employment, earning equitable salaries for skilled and dignified work. Indirectly this has a wider and positive impact upon student families by providing another (sometimes sole) income source for the household. 

The expansion of the centre will allow for continual reinvestment and returns in the form of an educated and highly skilled work force ready to aid in Tanzania’s development. Expansion of the facilities we will offer at the new Umoja will provide for:

  • Adequate classrooms, library and IT laboratory.
  • Recreational areas, both indoors and outdoors, including a dining area, sports field and space for performing arts. 
  • Adequate office space for staff for appropriate management, including a conference space for meetings and workshops / training.
  • Diversification of the existing education programme for students to include vocational training options following the Foundation Year, e.g. tailoring, mechanics, carpentry. 
  • Business and entrepreneurship development for students and their families. 
  • Accommodation options for paying guests, visitors, volunteers and groups.
  • Diversification of funding sources through grants and corporate funding that support investment into income generating activities, for education development and operations costs. 


Umoja plans to provide a positive learning environment in a sustainable way. Firstly this entails environmental sustainability to reduce the overall operating cost and carbon footprint. Secondly, development of financial mechanisms to secure long-term funding through larger funding grants and income generation activities. 


Umoja is working with Mr Rick Butler, an Australian architect, based in Chatswood NSW, to design the buildings alongside local Tanzanian experts. Butler and Co. Architects have a vast wealth of experience in designing commercial buildings, particularly schools in NSW ( They have been commissioned to design the new centre which will incorporate environmentally sustainable aspects to reduce the need for heating, cooling and lighting as well as promote natural ventilation throughout the buildings. The fundamental infrastructure will be outfitted to cater for self sufficient water, power and waste management. Initial surveying will include landscape planning that is essential to establishing slope and aspect for ideal building placements and arrange surrounding vegetation and other potential farming activities that are in tune with the environment. Designing the buildings in this way will reduce overall running costs and increase Umoja's sustainability.


Umoja is raising an initial $100,000 AUD to start stage one of construction, including site readiness. If you follow the DONATE NOW link below, you will be re-directed to the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) website, where you can make a secure donation to this project. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE IN AUSTRALIA. After receiving a donation, you will receive a tax receipt.