Community fundraising is very important for Umoja. Money raised is used to cover the shortfall from the student sponsorship. Even if all the students were sponsored, it would still not be enough to cover the costs of running the programme. 


To fundraise for Umoja your fundraising activities must be approved by us before you start. This enables us to satisfy government regulations regarding fundraising and ensure that all money raised is going to Umoja. So please contact us at any time if you have any questions or need support.

Fundraising Ideas:


Celidihs, bush dances, concerts, discos, bingo, cabaret/talent shows, recitals, plays, fashion shows, film nights, game shows, Halloween parties, masked balls, murder mystery nights, pet shows, and quiz nights…

Tickets can be sold for a specific one-off event. Events can involve quite a lot of work to organise and publicise depending on the size. However with a few people working together and sharing the load, it becomes a lot easier. You need to think about the location (cost of hire or at home), food and drink and entertainment.

To keep costs to a minimum you may wish to buy food and drink from a supermarket and prepare food yourself. Maybe you know some musicians or other entertainers who may be able to offer their services for free or at a reduced rate.


Jumble sales, car boot sales, garage sales, cake stalls, hot dog drives/sausage sizzles, antiques fairs, arts and crafts stalls/exhibitions/fairs...

These can be quite easy to organise and need just a few volunteers to be there on the day to help.

Small sales such as car boot or garage sales, cake stalls or sausage sizzles need little publicity. Costs are low and they can raise a lot of money. You could ask your local shop owners if you can hold a stall outside their shops on a Saturday morning; or have a clear out of all the unwanted things in your house and a garage sale/car boot sale.

Larger sales such as a jumble sale need a bit more publicity and organisation. You need to have a well known location such as a church or community hall and put posters around the neighborhood. You should also advertise in the local newspaper.

Try to have a group of people help you out. Individuals can each run different book, clothes, or bric-a-brac (odds and ends) stalls, and can also act as drop off points for the public wishing to deliver items before the sale. On your posters you should leave an email address or mobile phone number for people to contact you to arrange drop offs or collections.

Tell as many people as possible to bring any unwanted things either before the event or early on the day to the site. It's also a good idea to have tea, coffee and snacks for sale as well. Remember to organise floats for each stall and possibly someone on the door to charge a small entrance fee.

Raffles/ Auctions/Tombolas

These can be held at work, at a sports or social club you are involved with or as part of another event such as a sale or bush dance.

You need to find some good prizes or one really good prize that people will want to buy raffle tickets for. You should consider asking a local restaurant if they would donate a free meal or seek donations from local shops. They would share in the positive publicity. You could hold a raffle over a couple of weeks to get as much money as possible from different friends or groups of people you meet or you could hold and draw the raffle on a specific day at your place of work.

Coffee Mornings, Dinner or Drinks Parties

Themed dinners or parties (e.g. African, French, Spanish, soap operas, historical), Easter egg hunts, fancy dress parties, morning teas, cocktail parties…

These are quick and easy to organise. Decide which is more appropriate for your friends or neighbours, then send out invitations to your house. Let them know that it is a fundraiser and that they will be expected to donate enough to cover not only the costs of any food and drink, but also result in funds being raised for the Centre. You could also hold a small stall if you have things to sell, or hold a raffle.

Sponsored Events

Walks, bike rides, skydiving, bungee jumping, sponsored silences, abseiling, baked bean baths, car washing, marathons (running, dancing, table tennis, aerobics, badminton, line dancing, karaoke),no TV/smoking/drinking days...

These can be individual or group events and either something challenging, or simple or anything in between.

You need to decide what you are going to do, set a date, and print out some Umoja Sponsorship Forms to carry around with you (everywhere!) so that people can pledge to sponsor you. Publicise your event as much as you can - email everyone in your contact list and put posters up in your local area, etc.

If you are in the UK you can use the Just Giving website to manage your event by creating a page linked to the Umoja page where everyone can sign up to sponsor you.


Golf, tennis, poker, scrabble, chess, boat racing, football, paint-balling, line dancing, obstacle courses, food eating competitions...

Maybe you and your friends have a hobby such as golf which you could make into a tournament? Participants pay to enter and the winner gets a prize.

Company Giving

Companies may donate if they feel that they will also gain some benefit, such as publicity. You might be able to get a monetary donation or a gift in kind such as a donation for a raffle. Contact the company you work for or a company with which you have a relationship. It really helps to know someone at the company as it often needs someone on the 'inside' who can push for a donation.

These are just a few ideas based on things that have been tried and tested. Ultimately, though, your imagination can be the key to a successful event! Good luck, and feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or need support.