Support Staff

Our support staff are an integral part of the Umoja Centre. These people keep the centre running - keep us safe, fed, clean,  cared for and organised! The support team is comprised of:

  • Lengila, Andrea and Senzia - Security Team. The guards are responsible for providing 24 hour security to the centre and manage the gate.
  • Rose Mkemangwa - Housekeeper. Mama Rose keeps us clean and tidy as well as organising all the purchases of food for the centre.
  • Namnyaki Raphael and Shedrack Siphael - Cooks. Mama Namnyaki and Shedrack cook breakfast and lunch for 50+ hungry mouths each day.
  • Elisianna Msenga - Childcare Provider. Mama Anna looks after the youngest group of children through the House of Happiness Programme with dedication, patience and a lot of love!
  • Bernard Kawishe - Driver. Bernard is responsible for driving our youngest group to and from boarding school each weekend, transporting students to special events, day trips, providing staff travel, precurement and bill paying.
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