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At Umoja, we believe that young people have a right to lead lives free of poverty, abuse, and exploitation. For a young person to thrive they need a holistic education, physical and mental health, and good livelihoods. At Umoja, we provide these services to a select group of vulnerable youth. We want our youth to not only survive, but thrive. We provide our youth with the freedom and security they need to become the authors of their own lives. 

We achieve this through three key programme areas:


We provide a variety of educational options to children and young adults, including Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. Education is vital for young people to achieve their goals, become independant and rise out of poverty. Educational opportunities are offered through our Foundation, ISC, Outplacement and House of Happiness Children's Programmes. 

Health & Welfare

To ensure our youth transition into adulthood safely and empowered, we provide a range of medical and psychosocial support and extra curricular activities, including the arts and sports. Our health and welfare support runs throughout all our programmes but specifically the Foundation, House of Happiness and YES! Programmes. 


Our goal is for all our graduates to be self-sufficient, employed and leading a dignified life. Umoja graduates are then equipped to support future generations, thus breaking cycles of poverty. We start this support early on in the Foundation Programme, but more specifically in the Outplacement and Social Enterprise Programmes. 

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WE ARE UMOJA! My name is Maria. I come from Singida. I am 15 years old. My mother and father are farmers. Something interesting about me is I like to play netball with friends. When I leave Umoja I will help my parents and be a Nurse. (if you would like to sponsor Maria, please get in touch! Email: [email protected])

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WE ARE UMOJA! My name is Azima Kilua, I come from Engosheratoni in Arusha. Im 15 years old. In my family, there are six people – father and mother and three sisters. I am living at my sister’s house. I know Umoja is the bridge to help me to achieve my goals and now I am studying hard. I want to be a nurse. (If you would like to sponsor Azima, please get in touch! Email: [email protected])

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